Vancouver_Zipline.jpg Assistant Professor
Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy
LMU München
Office: Ludwigstraße 31, Room R131

About Me

I am a philosopher who works primarily in philosophy of science, epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, and logic. I also have strong interests in analytic philosophy, decision theory, game theory, and ancient philosophy.

I am currently an assistant professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, where along with Stephan Hartmann, I am investigating questions on the role of modeling in philosophy. On this site, you can find a description of my research, some of my teaching materials, and copies of my papers.

Outside of my academic life, I enjoy playing guitar, singing, watching movies, playing basketball, and cooking. As I am a native Pittsburgher, I am an avid fan of the Steelers; I also cheer for the Penguins and Pirates, but I do not follow hockey and baseball as closely.

My interest in philosophy originated in high school, where an enthusiastic English teacher and two dedicated debate coaches encouraged me to pursue philosophy. I still (on rare occassions) teach and mentor high school debaters, as I believe that debating greatly aids the development of communication and analytic skills. If you would like to support an organization that does great work in extending debate opportunities for high school students, I suggest contacting Penn Youth for Debate, which absorbed Perspectives Debate, an organization for which I previously worked. If you are an independent high school debater in need of case-writing help (I coach LD-Debate), feel free to email me.